Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slumdog Milli Movie Review

I love GOOD movies ONLY, and Slumdog Millionaire is a very Good movie! Idk where I've come up with this kind of time, but as I've said, I have really been on a “movie watching roll”.

The thing about a movie review is that you want to know what the movie is about, but you don't if it's good because you don't want the plot spoiled!! So, friends I won't be a spoiler... I'll just say that

Slumdog Milli is a beautiful Love Story, full of action and filled with suspense! The movie takes place in India and is centered on the Once popular television show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (that's all I'll say). This movie grasps your attention from beginning to end (really, I wouldn't say it if it weren't true). There were 3 main characters present throughout the movie (whom I thought were SO much cuter young, but that's neither here nor there...it didn't take away from the movie.)

All-in-All this movie was great, fabulous, wonderful. I give it 2 thumbs up, and if I had a third I'd give it that one too. I know I’m about 3 months late on a review of this movie, but for those who haven't seen it, go.

Soooo Sleepy. Goodbye

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can't Stand It: Faking and Shaking

As much as the Black has come up from and gone through...you would think that Humbleness would follow. I do not mean ignorant submission to another race, but submission to the One who makes all things possible. There is a since of pride associated with being black, but too much of anything is a bad thing...too much is simply TOO MUCH. I don't call people out because I am not confrontational and I do realize that I am not perfect, however I do call it as I see it (every now and then).

I cannot stand arrogance and pretentious behavior.

I just hate to hear black people slandering or degrading one another because it's done enough by other races that we don't need to do it ourselves.

Another thing I just can't stand is the so-called social class division. It really exists among all races, but I'm specifically referring to that within the Black communities... What purpose does this division serve? I know Black people hate how they are discrimminated against by white people (racial profiling within the job, housing and educational realms) so why would we turn around and discriminate against people of our own race. It is done, but why?

We as a race could be so much more if we stop pretending and actually showed and proved who we are, not to the world but to ourselves. Wearing fur coats to a salon to get a pedi/mani does not make you look rich, it makes you look like a buffoon. Buying new cars (plural) and 100,000 dollar chains and showing it off to the youth does not make you look rich, it makes you look careless and wasteful.

I repeat...Black people could BE so much more if WE stop pretending... We have to be a people of action. I think I've said enough.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been a Long Time

It has been a minute since I've blogged, but with good reason...LIFE. Man, it's just been school work family family family work school school work...and you get my drift. LIFE. however, in spite of it all, I'm still living, staying strong and of course staying on the brighter side of life. It's been said to me that "it isn't always easy being the positive person" and that statement couldn't be more true, but by faith is how I live and I am sustained in that faith.

Yeah, so... what have i been up 2? I suppose I'll share 2...

1. I've acquired a new name: Yung $krill, but u can call me Yung (pretty slf explanatory)
2. I've been going through one of the Coldest Winters of my life (not as slf explanatory...)

Okay, I've written Enough...I have mad studying to do.

Off the Wall picture of ME for YOU

What I look like when I'm on the phone and I am totally turned OFF!! Ha!

Peace and Love


Friday, January 30, 2009

Life Alert or Joke??

Yeah, I didn't get to see D, but I'm ok.
I was watching TV when the dumbest commercial came on. I instantly asked myself, "is this a joke??" It wasn't. It's a Life Alert commercial, but it's freaking old and it just seems sooooo fake. I thought, "at any moment the real commercial is going to come on or this one is going to go off." It didn't, and my eyes were glued to the screen in utter dismay. This is what I saw:

This isn't the funniest one, this is the most ridiculous one. I didn't have the heart to post the one with the old lady who had fallen down the stairs, that sh!t really happens. The commercial was funny, but the reality of it wasn't so, anyway. I posted this one instead.

I think I hate it.


Smoked Out: To Go or Not to Go

Hey, Hey, what do you say? One of my Favorite artists is actually coming to BEAUMONT tonite, and I am not going to be able to go. I am pretty bummed because of the obvious...it SUX! Devin the Dude will be in my city, but he is going to this club called Essence and I vowed to Never return. The last time I went my entire person wreaked of smoke of all kinds. The doormen Hiked the price way up!, & It was so hot in this place. I actually had to go to the restroom and pull my hair back into a ponytail!! Scarface was there that night, and I really didn't know the lyrics to his songs. I was familiar with some of them, BUT the atmosphere was Not conducive to my kind of a good time.

However, I think that seeing Devin the Dude is worth being smoked out, and it's also worth getting my hair all poofy. For 1) I love love love him, for 2) I know almost all of the lyrics, and for 3) those two combined with a nice Budweiser would be Great fun! But I doubt that I will go, But I really want to.

What Is a Girl to Do??

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

...Still Moving

Today was really good. I made a lot of progress at work & I am so happy about it. One of my clients is going to be a huge challenge, but I have decided to buckle down and get serious about it, as well as my course work. I realize that I am working with people who Need my help, and if I don't take what I do seriously, who will?.

With this in mind, I have deleted my Twitter account and will be deleting my MySpace page in 2days (grace period for the fans...you know *wink) They are really cool programs, but on the cool, my attention span is literally at 0.000001 post browsing those websites, and to give my all to my job and to school I have to delete my accounts and keep it moving. It's best. I've done it before, but I am sure that this is a permanent change. I'm over all of these social networking sites.

However, I do love mySpot so do not worry, I am not erasing it...yet. And what would this blog be without a picture of me... Boring (Bwah!!) So here, giving the people what they want:


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moving on Up...

Man, My Attitude is Fcuk Ya'll. I'm tired of Fraudulent A$$es, Fake A$$es, Niggaz posing as men, B!ches posing as friends & Ho's posing as women. Fcuk Ya'll. I'm tired of ppl talking one thing and doing another. Fcuk Ya'll. I'm tired of ho a$$es talking sh!t & worried about what 'you' do, and "in the blink of an eye" doing what 'you' do. Fcuk all of em'.

It's true, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. As a matter of fact, I embrace my struggles because Suffering, or the struggle, produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And My hope won't disappoint me because I know where My hope lies and I know to whom I belong. I know where my strength comes from and I'm not worried about any weak a$$es trying to bring me down.

I'm into big things now, I'm NOT dealing with the same ignorant a$$es and I'm not compromising who I am to please anybody. If u don't like it and/or if you can't handle it...fcuk you too. I'm into big things.